The Benefits of Transmission Replacement vs. Repair

The Benefits of Transmission Replacement vs. Repair

The Benefits of Transmission Replacement vs. RepairWhether you're a DIY mechanic or a shop owner weighing the pros and cons of a transmission repair job, it's necessary to look deep into the problem to see if a transmission replacement is could be the best option. Many transmission problems can be fixed with minor service, but as the miles add up, the reliability of that repair may fall thin. When fixing a car or truck that just doesn't want to go through the gears, it may be time to replace that original transmission with a rebuilt transmission. While it may seem more expensive up front, the truth is, it can save you or your customer big money in the long run. Let's look at the benefits of transmission replacement versus repair.

Quality Guarantee

When you replace a broken transmission with a rebuilt transmission from a reputable source you can rest easy knowing that the parts will be backed by a warranty. This provides the customer and/or shop with peace of mind when completing a transmission replacement. The quality guarantee not only makes the installation process more comfortable, but the driver of the vehicle will know their new transmission is covered in case something goes wrong within a certain time frame.

Fixed Right the First Time

When a transmission starts to give the driver trouble it can be fairly tricky to determine exactly what's going on without completely disassembling the mechanism. This is a lengthy process, even for skilled mechanics. Once it is taken apart there is still the job of identifying what's wrong. If a transmission has high mileage, there could be numerous issues, which means, you could fix one thing and get it back together, only to find out there's still a problem. Replacing the faulty transmission with a rebuilt transmission will surely fix any and all issues.

Cost Benefit

Per the above, a failing transmission could require numerous repairs, meaning the cost of service is going to keep climbing if you want to keep shifting. Replacing the transmission is going to ensure all is fixed right the first time and you won't have to worry about any transmission issues for years and years.

If you're facing transmission trouble, installing a rebuilt transmission may be the best answer. If you're looking for a Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet rebuilt transmission in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina or throughout the USA, contact Total Transmission Supply. We rebuild quality, factory replacement transmissions for select Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet models. We can build to suit, based on your needs. Call us Toll Free at (855) 907-0390 to request more information or to order a rebuilt transmission that can be shipped directly to you. We look forward to working with you.

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