5 Interesting Facts about Automotive Transmissions

5 Interesting Facts about Automotive Transmissions

5 Interesting Facts about Automotive TransmissionsAutomotive transmissions have had a long and interesting history as they've evolved over the years. At Total Transmission Supply, we're in the transmission business because it is our passion. And we love learning more about our industry. Here's a look at five fascinating facts about transmissions.

The First Widely-Available Automatic Transmission

In 1939, GM started selling the HydraMatic gearbox, which was the first mass-marketed automatic-style transmission. This transmission was featured in both Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs.

Only a Fraction of Americans Can Drive a Stick Shift

As automatic transmissions became more prevalent, Americans largely stopped learning how to drive manual transmissions. In a 2018 study, it was reported that only 18% of drivers in the U.S. could drive a stick.

You Have to Get Specifically Licensed to Drive a Manual in the U.K.

To legally operate a stick shift in the U.K., drivers must first pass a driving test using a vehicle that has a manual transmission.

Manual Transmissions No Longer Always Get More MPGs

It's widely believed that manual transmissions get better gas mileage than their automatic transmission counterparts. While this was largely true in the past, the times have changed. These days, progress in automatic transmission technology has led to automatics that achieve the same or better fuel-efficiency as the same models that feature manual transmissions.

The Preselector Gearbox

From the 1930s to the 1950s, a popular type of transmission was called the “preselect.” To operate this transmission, drivers would first choose the gear they wanted to shift to before actually hitting the clutch pedal. Then when they did engage the clutch, the transmission would automatically shift to the preselected gear.

Rebuilt Transmissions Shipped Anywhere in the U.S.

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Posted: January 2022

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