5 Signs that Your Automatic Transmission is Failing

5 Signs that Your Automatic Transmission is Failing

Modern automatic transmissions are run by computers that enable optimal efficiency. But even with technological advancements, automatic transmissions still often fail. By being proactive about addressing the problem, you can potentially save yourself from needing very expensive repairs. But in some cases, the automatic transmission will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Here are five symptoms of automatic transmission failure.

Whining Noise During Shifting

In many cases, the first indication that you need automatic transmission service is a whining or whirring noise that emerges as your vehicle shifts.Whining could mean there's a problem with your torque converter.

Erratic Shifting

A problem with the computer system could cause your automatic transmission to start shifting erratically. This may actually create a safety hazard if your vehicle isn't handling properly. In this situation, it could be worthwhile to safely pull over and call up a mechanic who can give you advice on whether your vehicle seems safe to drive.

Delayed Shifting

If your vehicle starts revving up high while shifting between park and drive, then you've got a sign of trouble related to automatic transmission fluid. This symptom might also occur during shifting between gears at highway speeds. This is a problem that should be brought to a mechanic's attention ASAP.

Transmission Fluid Leak

When transmission fluid leaks, it's often identifiable by its reddish color and its location below the front of the vehicle. As transmission fluid gets dangerously low, a variety of major problems can result.

Bump in the Downshift

Your automatic transmission is likely due for service if you notice a bump as it shifts down. When this symptom arises, there's a good chance it's because of fluid-related problems.

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Posted: April 3, 2021

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