7 Indications of Transmission Trouble

7 Indications of Transmission Trouble

7 Indications of Transmission TroubleSeemingly minor transmission issues can quickly turn into big problems that require very expensive repairs. In some instances, it makes more financial sense to install a rebuilt transmission rather than to repair major issues. Here's a look at seven signs of transmission trouble.

Hard to Get into Gear

If you have to make several attempts just to get into gear, then there's reason to be concerned about your transmission's health.

Herky-Jerky Shifting

When a transmission is operating on worn-out parts, it's liable to shake and lurch during shifting.

Pops Out of Gear

If you're smoothly rolling down the road and then all of a sudden your car jumps out of gear, then you've got a classic sign of transmission trouble. In addition to being a significant mechanical issue, this is a serious safety hazard because you no longer have full control over your vehicle.


In vehicles that have manual transmissions, grinding suggests that the clutch is failing.

Makes Noise while in Neutral

If you hear shaking sounds while in neutral, then transmission trouble could be emerging. In some cases, this symptom can be remedied with a transmission fluid flush.

Fluid Leak

Every once in a while, you'll want to take a close look at the pavement where your car is often parked and check for any signs of automotive fluid leaks. Transmission fluid's reddish color can often distinguish it from other automotive fluids.

Burning Fluid

You should consider scheduling a transmission inspection if its fluid smells burnt or has turned to a darker color.

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Posted: June 3, 2020

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