6 Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

6 Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

6 Ways to Ruin Your TransmissionTransmissions are highly complex mechanisms that require proper care to keep them in good shape. Because minor transmission issues can quickly turn into a need for major repairs, you'll want to always take action at the first sign of trouble. Poor driving and maintenance habits can cause your transmission to deteriorate to the point that you may need a new transmission altogether. Here's a look at six bad habits that can destroy your transmission.

Never Check Transmission Fluid

You'll want to consistently check transmission fluid to make sure it hasn't turned dark or gotten too low. Depending on the vehicle, transmission fluid should generally be flushed between 30,000 and 50,000 miles.

Put Off Transmission Maintenance

A variety of transmission issues could arise due to maintenance delays. A neglected transmission can experience significantly more friction between its moving parts, which can cause wear and tear to the point that a transmission may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Don't Use Parking Brake

It's important that you use your parking brake so that you don't put extra stress on your transmission while it tries to keep your car in place. This is especially important if you're parked on a hill.

Slam On You Brakes

By slamming hard on your brakes, you risk damage to transmission mounts. This can consequently create a safety issue.

Don't Stop Before Shifting from Drive to Reverse

If you continue to shift between reverse and a forward gear without stopping, then your transmission could descend toward failure.

Stomp on the Gas Pedal

Slamming down the accelerator can cause trouble with your transmission, along with an assortment of driveline parts. If your transmission is not given an opportunity to cool down after creating excessive torque, then it could overheat.

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Posted: September 4, 2020

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