Top Signs it is Time for Transmission Replacement

Top Signs it is Time for Transmission Replacement

Top Signs it is Time for Transmission ReplacementThe transmission is one of the most integral pieces of the puzzle that makes up your vehicle. This mechaism is tasked with transferring power from the engine to the wheels, so if it fails it could mean that your car or truck won't be going anywhere. While keeping up with routine maintenance will help to avoid the need for major services, there often comes a time in the life a vehicle when transmission replacement becomes necessary. If you encounter any of the following issues while driving, that time may have come for your car.

Strange Noises

Many transmission issues are first brought to the attention of drivers because of weird noises. The most commonly reported sound is a grinding or whining noise that occurs as the transmission shifts, which is true for both automatic sand manuals. Grinding sounds are often caused by worn synchronizers, which could possibly be best remedied by replacing the worn transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you discover a red liquid dripping from your vehicle, it is probably transmission fluid, though the differential utilizes a similar looking liquid. A transmission fluid leak may be remedied by general maintenance, such as replacing the pan gasket, but if the leak is caused by more extensive damage, such a cracked casing or damaged pan, replacing the transmission may be your best bet to repair the issue.

Burning Smells

While a worn clutch can cause burning smells, so too can an overheating transmission. If the transmission is unable to regulate its operating temperature then it could very likely ruin the internal components of the device due to improper lubrication. Anytime you catch a whiff of something burning as you drive your vehicle, be sure to visit a shop for proper diagnostics and repairs.

Can't Get into Gear

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that it may be time for a transmission replacement is if you simply can't get into gear. This issue can occur with one gear, or multiple, or all of them, including reverse. It is also a problem that may also present on both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

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