Warning Signs that it's Time for a Transmission Rebuild

Warning Signs that it's Time for a Transmission Rebuild

Warning Signs that it's Time for a Transmission RebuildAutomotive transmissions are made up of numerous parts that work in concert to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. When transmission issues develop, they can worsen in a hurry, making it important to get to the shop ASAP to hopefully nip them in the bud. But if major transmission problems have arisen, then you may need a rebuild or a replacement. At Total Transmission Supply, we send expertly rebuilt transmissions to anywhere in the United States, and we sell transmissions for every manufacturer.

Indications that Your Transmission Needs to Be Rebuilt

One sign that it's time for a rebuild is that your vehicle won't go into certain gears—or into any gear at all. With this issue, you may have worn-out gear teeth that are preventing the transmission from successfully engaging.

Another red flag is that you're hearing strange noises emerging from your transmission. If there are grinding noises while your car is in neutral, then you may be dealing with worn-out bearings or a reverse idler gear issue.

Issues with transmission fluid can also necessitate a rebuild. Transmission fluid provides lubrication, fluid pressure, cooling, and rust prevention. So if you have a transmission fluid leak, then major problems could arise that require a rebuild. You should check your transmission fluid at least once per month. If your transmission dipstick shows that the fluid level is dangerously low, then you may have a leak. Another sign of a transmission fluid leak is that there's reddish-colored fluid on the ground where your car has been parked. Also, you'll want to keep up with transmission fluid exchanges in accordance with your owner's manual's recommended mileage points. Your transmission may suffer if you're driving with old, polluted fluid.

Rebuilt Transmissions Shipped Anywhere in the U.S.

If you need a replacement transmission, contact Total Transmission Supply at (855) 907-0390. We'll promptly set you up with the right transmission for your vehicle. Feel free to give us a call today to order an expertly rebuilt transmission that can be shipped anywhere in America!

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Posted: December 2021

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