Warning Signs that You're Driving with Low Transmission Fluid

Warning Signs that You're Driving with Low Transmission Fluid

Warning Signs that You're Driving with Low Transmission FluidTransmission fluid provides fluid pressure, lubrication, cooling, and rust prevention. This makes it very important that you're consistently driving with the proper level of uncontaminated transmission fluid. If your transmission fluid gets dangerously low, then serious problems could follow. Here are five warning signs of low transmission fluid.

Slipping Gears

If transmission fluid is low, then it may become difficult for your car to go into—and stay in—certain gears. In such a scenario, you no longer have complete control over your car's patterns of acceleration, which could create a safety hazard.

Rough Shifting

When there's an insufficient amount of transmission fluid, problems with shifting could occur, such as grinding.

Delayed Shifting

If you're driving with low transmission fluid, then there might not be enough fluid pressure for gears to promptly change. This is a problem that you may encounter when trying to shift between reverse and a forward gear. Such a delay might last for two or three seconds.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you see reddish-colored fluid on the ground where your car has been parked, then you may have a transmission fluid leak. If it's transmission fluid, then you might notice a somewhat-sweet smell. If you suspect that your car is leaking transmission fluid, you'll want to quickly alert the mechanic so you can hopefully avoid the leak causing major transmission trouble.

Low Reading on Fluid Check

By checking your transmission fluid on a monthly basis, you're more likely to become aware when your transmission fluid gets low or starts burning. You'll want to take action if you see a concerningly low reading on your transmission dipstick.

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Posted: April 2022

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